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As our talented police negotiators have continued to protect the right of Bloombergville to exist, there is one thing that is clear.

Bloombergville is more then a just a location, it is an idea.

An idea that everyone has a say in how the city spends our tax money.  This is a fight against budget cuts that will lower the quality of life for all New Yorkers.

Bloombergville has moved — or been moved — several times since the encampment started Tuesday.  We may keep moving, but we’re still here.

To keep track of where we end up next, to be able to find us wherever we are, check on the map for our most current location.

Check the map for our most current location.


B. JUNE 14-15

C. JUNE 15-16  


If you’re a parent whose kids’ school is closing, if you can’t afford medical care, if you live near a fire station that’s shutting down — you’re already living in Bloombergville, so you may as well join us.  Come with a sleeping bag to spend the night or come for an hour.  We’ll always be somewhere in the shadows of City Hall, 24/7, and we’re not leaving until the budget is defeated.  If you’re a New Yorker who wants a city that’s healthy, educated and safe, you’re always welcome here.


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