Bloombergville First General Assembly 6/16/2011



Photos by Harry Newman

Bloombergville Pride: Residents Take Part in NYC Pride March

Residents of Bloombergville were thrilled to participate in yesterday’s New York City’s Pride March.  They marched as part of the 250+ person Economic Justice super-contingent featuring Queers for Economic Justice; United Auto Workers (UAW)–NYU and New School chapters; the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU); Walmart Free NYC Coalition; and Bloombergville.


Part of the Bloombergville Contingent at NYC Pride

Two nights earlier on June 24, same-sex marriage became legal in New York State.  Bloombergville residents took part in the March to celebrate this incredible achievement of decades of struggle.  But also to call attention to the New York City budget deals agreed to the same night, which have potentially serious impacts for the LGBTQI community.

Bloombergville waiting for the march to start

Few details of the final budget have come out, but proposals under discussion included severe cuts to public services for LGBTQI homeless youth and those with HIV/AIDS.

Photos Courtesy of Conor Tomás Reed


As Bloombergville gears up for the large rally and demonstration against the budget cuts on June 28th, we decided to kick back on a Saturday afternoon and have a Kids Day Party across the street from Bloombergville in City Hall park.  There was food, face-painting, and drumming.  Parents brought their children and it was a lot of fun for everyone.

Check out the gallery:

But this is no fun: $50 million dollar in cuts are currently proposed for the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs. Don’t let Bloomberg cut down the imagination of our kids.  Show your support, come to Bloombergville — stay for an hour or bring a sleeping bag and stay for the night — and join the fight against these cuts!

Photos Courtesy of Erin Markman and Yoni Golijov.


Last night at 9pm, Bloombergville learned City Council was meeting to make last moment deals on the budget at their offices at 250 Broadway, half a block from the encampment. Postponing the General Assembly, about 2 dozen members of Bloombergville gathered banners and posters and drums and set off immediately to protest.


Gathering posters


Ready to go

Outside 250 Broadway, the chanting and picketing begins, as more Bloombergville participants and supporters arrive and join in.  Among the chants: “They say budget cuts.  We say: That’s Fucking Nuts!”  and  “Come on, let’s face it — these budget cuts are racist!”

At 250 Broadway


"These budget cuts are racist!"

"That's Fucking Nuts!"

Support comes from the streets, too.  “Honk for the Workers” one sign says.  Fire trucks, city buses and sanitation trucks honk their horns as they pass by.

Honk for Workers

As Council Members leave the meeting, Bloombergville follows them to 52 Chambers Street (the Tweed Courthouse behind City Hall) where the deal is finalized with the Administration and a press conference will be held.

By 10pm, about 50 protesters are gathered at the steps of the building.  To get upstairs, Council Members have to pass through the crowd.

At 52 Chambers Street

Council Members pass through protesters to go upstairs

A line of police officers keeps protesters off the stairs.  “How come we’re down here — and they’re up there?” a Bloombergville organizer calls as he and a few others start up the stairs, chanting “This is what Democracy looks like!”  (See video here.)  More follow.  Soon police move back as all the protesters crowd the entrance.

Chanting “Let us in!” “Vote No!  Vote No!” “No Cuts!  No Layoffs!  No Compromise!” and “Your Job Next!” Bloombergville stays at the entrance for more than 30 minutes.

Let Us In!

Vote No!

No Cuts! No Layoffs! No Compromise!

As City Council left the building — most taking a side entrance to avoid chants of “Shame! Shame! Shame!” — two Council Members met with protesters. “What you’re doing is making a difference,” said Jumaane D Williams, Council Member of Brooklyn’s District 45, “Your voice is being heard… But you have to keep fighting.”  They report that fire stations and senior centers will no longer be cut and “only” 2000 teachers will be eliminated through attrition.  Other cuts remain.

Council Members meeting with Bloombergville protesters at 52 Chambers Street

Jumaane Williams: "You have to keep fighting"

Afterwards, protesters returned to Bloombergville to assess the action and plan what’s next.  There will be cuts, Yotan Moram, one of Bloombergville’s organizers, said to the group, but they also had to acknowledge “what has been achieved is the result of a movement we started.”

Returning to Bloombergville

Handing out water to returning protesters


Discussing the night's events

Photos by Harry Newman



Bloombergville and supporters have followed City Council to the Tweed Courthouse at 52 Chambers.



As City Council meets in secret to make its budget deal tonight, Bloombergville has headed to their offices at 250 Broadway to protest.

Join us now!

More details to follow..

Bloombergville at 250 Broadway: "They Say Cut Backs! We Say Fight Back!"