The thirteen protesters who were arrested during their heroic non-violent action against the NYC budget cuts on June 26 have been released after pleading guilty to one count each of disorderly conduct.

We urgently need to raise $1,560 to cover their fines. Please contribute whatever you can, asap. 

Please make donations through PayPal:  

The funds must come from a bank account or PayPal account; we cannot accept debit/credit card payments at this time.

On Computer:

Go to, hit send money, and direct your payment to

On Mobile Phone:

Go to, or download an App for either Blackberry, Android or iPhones, and direct your payment to

For more information on their case, check this out.

Or you join us Saturday, July 9, at a fundraiser to honor the Bloombergville attorneys, who contributed their legal services.  We will also honor, Picture The Homeless, who guided the setup of our encampment and helped us keep it legal and viable for more than two weeks! Invite a friend or two.

Thanks for your solidarity!



  1. BG says:

    how about calling it BloomBurg? too clever?

  2. […] many people will show? How long will it last? The recent Bloombergville encampment was a step towards this sort of demonstration, but what exactly is being done here? The […]

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