Plans for the week

Dear Bloombergville and Friends,
This is a report from Thursday’s mini-General Assembly:
1. Bloombergville continues, but we are in transition:
    – A slightly smaller core will maintain the encampment through the long weekend. All who can will provide support.

2. Serious fundraising will commence to pay fines for the Bloombergville 13: $120×13=$1,560. 

    – We will aggressively reach out to all supporters for help
    – Onsite collections, after daily expenses, will be devoted to the Bloombergville 13 Fund.
3. Two offsite meetings are planned for next week: Tuesday & Thursday at the Solidarity Center.

    – Reflection & Evaluation: How we did it, Where we are, where we want to go

    – Next Steps: Practical Proposals to build the movement against austerity
4. A BIG BOOGY-DOWN PARTY: Celebrate our victories, and help raise funds for the BBV13.

    – Special Honorees: Our Fearless & Fabulous Legal Team from the Solidarity Center and the National Lawyers Guild
-Dee Knight
See you Tuesday, if not before!
Time: 6:30pm
Place: Solidarity Center, 55 W. 17th St., Fifth Floor

3 Comments on “Plans for the week”

  1. jackie disalvo says:

    General Assemblies will continue nightly for those continuing to relate to Bloomergville 6:30 PM at Bloombergville

  2. General assemblies at Bloombergville will continue nightly at 6:30 PM for those still involved at Bloombergville.

  3. Robert says:

    OccupyLA recognizes and wemloces the involvement of Veterans For Peace with the Occupy movement and appreciates all the sacrifices they have made in the protection of peaceful protesters engaged in exercising their First Amendment rights to free speech and peaceful assembly. The plight of veterans is very dear to the hearts of Occupy activists. Veterans and active military personnel, being part of the 99%, have been exploited and abused for the profit of the 1%. OccupyLA is committed to highlighting the neglect of veterans by a government that represents the interests of the corporations and the 1%, and that turns a blind eye to the basic requirements of veterans. We stand in solidarity with Veterans For Peace in their struggle to bring relief to the housing, employment, physical and mental health needs of veterans. As police violence and brutality increases with the arrival of the American Spring, we believe the timely formation of Veterans Peace Teams is beneficial to the growth of the Occupy movement. But OccupyLA wants Veterans For Peace to be part of this growth and not be limited to providing security against police brutality. We invite all veterans to join us at our General Assemblies and get more involved in the decision making process. We have formed a Veterans For Peace Affinity Group to act as a liaison and be present at our Facilitation Committee meetings. We recommend establishing multiple modes of communication, including but not limited to cell phones, e-mails, facebook, twitter, etc OccupyLA would be honored to join Veterans For Peace for any of their upcoming actions or projects, especially the Arlington West Memorial at the Santa Monica Pier. We also offer any other services within our capability, that Veterans For Peace finds useful. Like media teams, street medics, flier and banner art, drummers, etc

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