Family Action Event at Bloombergville 5pm

Teachers and parents of students at The Brooklyn New School (BNS) and the Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies (BCS), public schools devoted to inquiry-based pedagogy and expeditionary learning, have been following events at Bloombergville since shortly after the camp started, maintaining an email discussion about our work, telling their students and children about it, and sending their support.

Tonight at 5PM about 25 parents, teachers and their kids will be coming to visit Bloombergville in person to let students see for themselves the power of communal action.  They’ll help make signs and banners, sing songs and add their voices to protesting the budget cuts.  Organized by the BNS/BCS Political Action Coalition, the visit to Bloombergville has been part of a series of educational trips to expose their children and students to local political activities from visits to City Council Members offices to protests like ours.

Every family is welcome!  Come at 5PM to Bloombergville (Broadway and Park Place in Lower Manhattan) to meet other concerned family and kids and add your voices to ours in sending the message that the new city budget will hurt New York schools and children.

Photo Courtesy of Erin Markman


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