Truth-out — New Yorkers Occupy Streets to Protest Budget Cuts

Elizabeth Whitman, Inter Press Service —

They have taken over a strip of the sidewalk at Park Place and Broadway, handing out flyers to passersby and taping posters to the ground and to the metal crossbars of the scaffolding that shelters them from the rain.

They sleep here too, on the sidewalk, and hold assembly meetings twice daily for people to raise concerns and plan events. Their bottom line: no budget cuts.

Calling their takeover and sleep-in Bloombergville – an allusion to the infamous shanty towns known as Hoovervilles that sprung up during the Great Depression – they are New Yorkers Against the Budget Cuts (NYABC), a coalition of different groups and individuals united by their opposition to Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposed budget for next year and their determination to press the City Council not to adopt it.


One Comment on “Truth-out — New Yorkers Occupy Streets to Protest Budget Cuts”

  1. Thanks for the update on what’s happening. I try to take an inpartial view, but it’s definately an exciting thing to read about

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