Day 11 at Bloombergville.  We’re hearing from more people and getting more support.  As time passes, more people seem to agree:  No Cuts!  No Layoffs!  No Compromises!

The vote on the budget has been scheduled for Wednesday.  But negotiations are going on now and it could come sooner.

If the cuts are going to be stopped, it has to be now!  And we have to do it!!

Not everyone can camp out at Bloombergville.  Not everyone can come to a protest.  But everyone can call their council member.

Add your voice to ours.  CALL your council member now.  

Say you are against ALL the proposed budget cuts.  Say you want them to VOTE NO on the Bloomberg Budget.

To find out who your council member is click here:


DEMAND she or he issue a public statement they will VOTE NO for this Budget.  Tell them NO to closing schools, senior centers, fire stations.  NO to eliminating jobs, reducing services, and cutting youth employment opportunities.

New Yorkers need real leadership from the city council members and we need it NOW.  They need to show they represent the millions of working people of this city not just the few who are wealthy.

Add your voice to ours.  CALL your council member.

Do it today!


Photo by Harry Newman


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