For more than a week, we’ve been sleeping out at Bloombergville.  We’ve got support from people all over the city, the state and as far away as Spain.

Interest and momentum are building — but time is running out.  A vote on the budget is coming soon.  The cuts have to be stopped!

Not everyone can join us at our camp or come to an event, but if you live in New York City there’s one way to help right now:

CALL your council member — say you are against any of the proposed budget cuts and urge them to VOTE NO on Bloomberg’s Budget.

Stop reading right now and do it.  Add your voice to ours.

You can find out who your council member is at this link:

DEMAND she or he issue a public statement that they will VOTE NO for this Budget.  Tell them NO to closing schools, senior centers, fire stations.  NO to eliminating jobs, reducing services, and cutting youth employment opportunities.

It’s the most vulnerable, the elderly, children, the unemployed, the homeless, communities of color, and our youth who will be most affected.

New Yorkers need real leadership from the city council members and we need it NOW.   They need to show they represent the millions of working people of this city and not just the few who are wealthy.

Add your voice to ours.  CALL your council member.

Do it today!  And then do it again tomorrow!

The vote may come as soon as Friday.

And after you’ve called let us know what happened. Take a picture, record on video or leave a comment in the section below about your experiences contacting city council. Show the world.



  1. Diana says:

    Called Vacca’s office in the Bronx. Was told he will be voting for the budget with a heavy heart. Fire station cuts have been taken out of the budget, this was a big issue for him (City Island). Was told that if the budget is not approved by Thursday the State will take over the City budget, is this true? So the alternative of not passing a budget before then is worse than passing a crappy budget. The only tax the City Council has power over is property tax, and constituents don’t want property taxes raised. Senior centers will be paid for out of a different part of the budget if cuts are made. I asked that Vacca make a public statement and say that although he is voting for the budget he is unhappy about it.

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