Come to Bloombergville (“where there’s always a warm sidewalk waiting for you”) for a lunchtime rally today from noon – 2pm.

We need your support.  Budgets aren’t just numbers.  Every dollar lost puts a person, a family, a child at risk.  After already severe cuts in the past two years that  left hospitals underfunded, closed schools, eliminated bus lines and subway service, and reduced other public services including sanitation and rat control, average New Yorkers can’t take any more.  Our message is No More: No Cuts, No Layoffs, No Compromises, Make Bankers and Millionaires Pay!!

If allowed to pass the proposed Bloomberg budget will close up to 17 senior centers, cut or reduce services at nearly 60 child care centers, shut 20 more schools and 20 firehouses, and cause thousands of workers to lose their jobs, including up to 6000 teachers.

If you want a city that’s poorer, sicker and less safe, then stay home.  But if you want a city that’s better for everyone and not just the wealthy, then join us today at Bloombergville Broadway and Park Place at the south end of City Hall Park.

No Free Lunch for Bankers and Millionaires!!

Monday, June 20, 12-2PM
Meet at Broadway and Park Place

Note: The 6pm rally planned for this evening has been cancelled.


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