Since June 14, people of Bloombergville have been camping out across from City Hall to oppose major cutbacks in social services and thousands of layoffs by the Bloomberg Administration. Bloombergville has maintained a presence of a few dozen to 150 people around the clock within view of the Mayor’s office.

We’re students, activists, and concerned citizens, average New Yorkers most affected by the $400,000,000 of proposed cuts to the city’s budget.  After already serious cutbacks in the last two years that saw bus and subway service reduced, schools and fire stations closed, hospitals, senior centers and child care services underfunded, it’s time for New Yorkers to show they’ve had enough. Our message is simple: no cuts, no layoffs, no compromises — make bankers and the rich pay!

If you want a city that’s healthy, educated, and safe, where every person has value and not just the wealthy, we need your support.  We’re coming to the end of our first week and need everyone’s help to make our protest bigger and stronger.

Join Us at Bloombergville (Broadway and Park Place) for dinner and discussion tonight at 6pm.  

Come for an hour or bring a sleeping bag and stay the night.  As we’ve said here before, if you’re a parent whose kids’ school is closing, if you can’t afford medical care, if you live near a fire station that’s shutting down — you’re already living in Bloombergville, so you may as well join us.




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