Party at Bloomberg’s!

Bloombergville, Saturday, June 18, 5PM!
Meet at Broadway and Park Place

No Cuts, No Layoffs! Make Bankers and Millionaires Pay!


Since Tuesday, the people of Bloombergville have camped out, marched and rallied to protest proposed drastic cuts to the city budget. Now we’re having a party!

Come down to have fun, show your support, make music, dance, and mingle with the residents of Bloombergville. Bring musical instruments. If you want to sleep out with us, bring your sleeping bag. The sleep-out, as a form of public protest, is absolutely legal as long as there are no tents. The more, the merrier!

Join our protest against budget cuts to all public services: education, health and mental health care, housing, childcare, senior centers, firehouses, libraries, community centers.  We’re not leaving until we stop the cuts!

P.S. To protect against police harassment, Bloombergville prohibits any alcohol or illegal drugs at our site. Please cooperate.

For more information go to:

Video Courtesy of BloombergsBudgetCuts


One Comment on “PARTY AT BLOOMBERGVILLE — Today at 5 PM (JUNE 18)”

  1. P says:

    I have knowledge of your camping thanks to a link to a new of RussiaToday. We’re all in this together, be strong Bloomberville! #spanishrevolution, on June 19, back to take the streets ( On October 15 we are preparing a worldwide demonstration. They can´t stop us!

    Try contact with Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Greek, to share info and that no mass media can censure you.
    You can also send information to ,
    And share it with
    some spanish camps:

    Some organizations at 15m

    Best wishes

    PD: sorry for my crapy english

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