Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed budgets cuts threaten schools, hospitals, fire stations and thousands of workers’ jobs.

After already deep cuts in previous years that left hospitals underfunded, closed schools, eliminated bus lines, cut subway service and reduced other public services, like sanitation and rat control, New York can’t take much more. New cuts will leave the city sicker, poorer, and less safe.

Since Tuesday residents of Bloombergville have camped out, marched and rallied in and around City Hall Park to protest the planned cuts and stop the budget.

“Stand By Us,” a video by Messiah Rhodes, shows some of the highlights and captures the spirit of Bloombergville’s first few days.

View the video here:

All New Yorkers who are willing and able, come join us we will be here day and night.  Sleep Out, Speak Up and Fight Back Against Budget Cuts!

You can see “Stand By Us” and all other videos about Bloombergville on our new VIDEO page.

Video Courtesy of Messiah Rhodes, RhodesPictures


3 Comments on “STAND BY US (Video)”

  1. toni says:

    All my support from spain, changes are possible. Our president now uses hellicopter to go to the parliament, he dont want to see us or hear us. Thats a little change, but important.

    • Stephen says:

      This is what democracy looks like. Sounds like
      Smells like

      • Piet says:

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