RUSSIA TODAY : – Media ignores public outrage while protesters camp out in NYC

Dozens of people have been camping outside City Hall in New York to protest budget cuts that could lead to thousands of jobs lost.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media is busy covering sex scandals and murder trials, and ignoring the voice of the people. Why?


One Comment on “RUSSIA TODAY : – Media ignores public outrage while protesters camp out in NYC”

  1. Buba says:

    I love this question. Your emniotos are completely different from the sensations your Internal Guidance System (IGS) sends you. In fact you can use your IGS to determine which emniotos are opening and closing! Meaning the thoughts your mind is producing are causing emniotos which are not really authentic for the situation you are in. Yes it can be tough at first to distinguish emniotos from IGS sensations.The best way I can explain how to begin to distinguish them is, emniotos are a bio chemical reaction in the body. They are chemicals similar to sugar or alcohol in our system. It takes time for these chemicals to be processed, yet our IGS has no residual energy. It opens, closes or is neutral immediately upon what our thoughts are producing. Learning to easily distinguish between the two is very rewarding and creates amazing shifts in how much power we have over our emniotos.Thanks for being here and commenting on our page.

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