Taking A Stand

By: Eaden

On a rainy New York City evening sounds of drumming, music and and chanting filling the chambers of the Municipal Building. This drumming is for the restoration of democracy. Students, workers and community organizations have come together standing in solidarity. Together they send the message to Bloomberg that he must leave office. New York is experiencing job insecurity across the board. Jameson, 24, a CUNY student and a retailer worker agrees with that sentiment. He is “not apart of a union and is scared to start one.” He experiences the intimidating tactics of managers who are always monitoring what employees are doing while on the clock. Meetings are not allowed and are considered a “waste of company time and money. The state has not become the go to person for workers to address intimidation tactics of bosses and managers.” These tactics show the lack of recourse the bosses know will not come their way for their scare tactics. Jameson would not mind starting a union but cannot afford to lose his job. He admits that he has some options but acknowledges the shrinking opportunities for jobs. He believes that “if New York experiences any more cuts he will have to compete for a job.” Jameson would find it difficult to sustain a long bout of unemployment.

President Obama’s June 4th weekly address in Ohio touted the great success of Chryster, General Motors and Ford auto companies. Some jobs were created in Ohio but that did not off-set the job loss in June. Jameson has taken note and still sees “people who are still suffering.” What seems like a one sided recovery, according Jameson is just a way for bigger more competitive companies to “spend a lot of money to maintain the status quo.” He came to Bloombergville to join in the efforts in speaking up against the budget cuts. “I hopes that the communities of New York can be organized and become a liable force to combat the corporate and elite class who do not care about the quality of people or workers.” He hopes that Bloombergville is only the beginning.


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