Bloombergville holds a rally to mark the end of its first full day occupying the sidewalk outside City Hall.

As darkness sets in, the 80-plus protesters staying to sleep-out begin an evening assembly to discuss what to do for the night.  Negotiators from the Tactical Committee have once again been in talks throughout the day with police, responding to shifting demands and changing terms for what is allowed for the protest.  The latest: space along the fence at City Hall Park must be vacated by midnight or protesters will risk arrest.  Bloombergville has to decide whether to stay or where to go.

A Federal District Court decision in June 2000 requires New York City to allow orderly political protest involving public sleeping in public spaces. The consensus is to stay together as a group and relocate to other sidewalk space nearby. But Bloombergville will return to the City Hall location in the morning.

Bloombergville is a destination.  It’s a symbol.  But it’s also a spirit.  It’s a spirit of cooperation and openness and freedom.  And that spirit stays with us, it holds us together and carries us wherever we may go.

Photos by Harry Newman


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