Spirits remain high as the first day of Bloombergville comes to a close.

Shortly before 10pm police arrived in force at 1 Centre Street to remove protesters from the space or arrest them despite being located in a public area.

Police Come to Bloombergville

Instead of confrontation, negotiators from the Tactical Committee engaged the officers in charge and the camp relocated across the street to City Hall Park where around 100 people have put down their tarps, blankets, pillows and sleeping bags for the night.  The weather is mild and after several hours of rain the air is clear.

Decamping to City Hall Park

Bloombergville now runs along the fence on the eastern side of the park, visible to anyone who looks out the windows of City Hall in the morning.  Much of the evening since the move has been devoted to meetings, in large groups and small, to discuss the protest’s goals, plan for the coming days and brainstorm about spreading word and bringing more people to protest. The group remains orderly and organized by rules of community and mutual respect.

"Points of Unity"

This is about re-imagining a city.  About putting basic needs ahead of speculation and excess.  About putting people ahead of numbers.  It’s about re-claiming public space not just for protest but for everyone of us throughout our lives.  Bloombergville is the seed for what the city can be.  Come join us.

Photos by Harry Newman


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