New Yorkers Against Budget Cuts: Students•Labor•Communities United

 CONTACT: DEE KNIGHT, 646-271-4158, OR Doug Singsen 917-494-5587

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“Bloombergville” protest to start in City Hall Park Tuesday,
June 14, and “stay till Bloomberg’s budget is defeated!”

Mayor Bloomberg’s executive budget proposes drastic cuts to public services all New Yorkers need: cutting $67 million from higher education, $90 million from public libraries and $51 million from the city’s child care budget. He proposes to close 20 firehouses and 25 senior centers; to eliminate rent subsidies for 45,000 city residents; and eliminate 6,000+ teachers’ jobs.

The Mayor insists the city is broke and that these cuts are necessary. But there is a budget surplus of $3.2 billion which he rejects using to prevent budget cuts and layoffs. He refuses to support the “millionaires’ tax” or the stock transfer tax to increase city revenue.

Workers, students and community members affected by the cuts will initiate a sleep-out encampment, “Bloombergville,” to send this message to the mayor: “No cuts! Tax the wealthy!” The sleep-out will take place on the sidewalk without tents, and thus be legal and constitutionally protected, according to a judicial decision in the case of Met Council v. NYPD on June 12, 2000.

What:        “Bloombergville,” a sleep-out encampment protesting the devastating budget cuts proposed by Mayor Bloomberg

When:       Starting at 7:00PM, Tuesday, June 14, 2011, and continuing overnight “until Bloomberg’s budget is defeated”

Where:      East side of City Hall Park: Centre Street between Chambers Street and Spruce Street

Who:         Workers, students and concerned community members affected by the budget cuts


2 Comments on “MEDIA ADVISORY: JUNE 14, 2011”

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  2. Leonardo says:

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